Residential and Commercial Building DEXON


Sarajevska 69-73, Belgrade


Goran Vojvodić




2006 - 2007


DEXON d.o.o. Beograd

„…The street ends with the designed building, so that this building by its position and outline represents a final motif of a continual stretch of blocks.
The building is designed in the spirit of a modern, cubic form of emphasized wall cladding, with big glazed openings and transparent terrace railings.
This very limiting element – letting the light into a complete body of the building only from two facades, has defined the basic structural concept.
Materialization of such an important volume with very prominent elements of bay windows in terraces, is treated in a reduced manner in two finishes of „Eternit” slab on adequate roof substructure, as well as painted thermal facade…“

„PROSTOR” magazine no. 10, 2010