Sports and Commercial Complex Gemax


Banjički venac 28b, Belgrade


Goran Vojvodić, Jelena Ivanović-Vojvodić


1995 - 1997


1996 - 1999


Gemax d.o.o. Beograd


Museum of Applied Arts - Salon of Architecture – Architecture Grand Prix – 2000
Museum of Applied Arts - Salon of Architecture – Association of Architects of Novi Sad – Awards for architecture – 2000

„…the GЕМAХ Tennis Center represents, in the opinion of the Jury, a complete architectural work through which its authors reveal their creative maturity, their mastering of the secrets of the profession and their belonging to the most current movements in world’s architecture.
The continual, measured quality in conceiving the interior of the Center, but also a bold use of strong contrast as a method applied in the composition of the Center, is impressive.
Allusion to the “pia¬no rustico” in a rhythmic mass of a ground floor – base, made in precious material (stone), a contrasting, apparent “easiness of existence” of a linear, sophisticated prefabricated floor (glass, aluminum), as well as a summary “non finito” effect achieved through a scenographic procedure (particularly visible in feigned skeleton cornices and eaves), indicate that authors had a clear attitude on the building whose identity and character is contained in its narrativeness…“

From the reasoning of the Jury
of the 22nd Salon of Architecture in Belgrade