Jelena Ivanović Vojvodić

Jelena Ivanović Vojvodić was born 1962 in Prizren, Serbia. Faculty of Architecture, University of Belgrade graduated in 1987, mentored by Professor Milan Lojanica.

From 1984/85 she worked in the office Andrews Kalik Associates, Reading, England; 1987/1991 Engineer in Traffic Institute CIP, Belgrade; 1991/1994 Senior Planner – Bureau of Economics, Department of engineering, Belgrade, 1994/1996 & Far Man, Budapest, Hungary; 1996/98 Farman, Belgrade, 2003/2007 Beogas-Aquaterm.

Bureau VIA Ltd, Belgrade founded together with Goran Vojvodić in 2007. More than 30 building and interior realizations (some of them were awarded) and good competition expirience. She was President of the Association of Belgrade Architects (2004/2008) and Member of the Court of Honor Chamber of Engineers of Republic of Serbia (2005/2009).

She is the Author and Founder of the project BINA (Belgrade International Architecture Week) organized by Association of Belgrade Architects and Cultural Centre of Belgrade. One of the founders of NVO Docomomo Serbia. Working at the Faculty of Design and Art at the Megatrend University from 2009 as Associate professor. She was the team leader for the international competition program for the block 39 and currently the Design Coordinator for the Center for the Promotion of Science in Belgrade, Serbia by Eptisa, International engineering, architecture and information technology company. She is married and has two children.