Showroom BPM Watches


Kneza Miloša 16, Belgrade


Goran Vojvodić, Grozdana Šišović






BPM Watches d.o.o. Belgrade


Museum of Applied Arts - Salon of Architecture - Recognition in the category of the interior - 2005

„Guided by the idea related to the activities of the BPM – showroom of exclusive watches, the architects have created as much as possible transparent and unencumbered space in the function of displaying the exhibits. It consists of two parts: a public, exhibition sales area, and service area. A concept of a glass box is incorporated into a structural framework, demonstrating an experiment in a small glass universe with the idea of creating an illusion.

In daylight, the BPM interior represents a mirror reflecting the slightest change in light and color. During the night time, it becomes a source of light which attracts people by its glitter giving a metropolitan character to the Kneza Miloša street. The space is visually widened, while, by multiplying a reflection, an imaginary magical landscape of reflections, flicker and beats suggesting infinity of space and time has been evoked…“


„Enterijer“ magazine no. 23, 2005