Headquarters of Yugoslav Basketball Association


Sazonova 83, Belgrade


Goran Vojvodić, Snežana Milovanović


1996 - 1998


1996 - 1999


Košarkaški savez Jugoslavije, Beograd


“Borba” Architecture Award – 2000
Association of Architects of Novi Sad – Awards for architecture – 2000
Museum of Applied Arts - Salon of Architecture – Architecture Grand Prix – 2000

„…reconstruction of the Yugoslav Basketball Association Headquarters commercial building in Belgrade has been carried out though a moderate architectural expression, implementation of refined materials and well-conceived details both in the exterior and in the interior. Adapted, extended and modernized building successfully blends into the structure and ambience of the street and may serve as a good model for often similar themes in Belgrade….“

Reasoning of the Jury of the 23rd Salon of Architecture

„ The Yugoslav Basketball Association Headquarters building is a harmonious and unpretentious building. Its architecture, clear function and contemporary interior space reflect the spirit of this trophy sport, providing it an appropriate and representative ambience… During the process of design and construction, the reconstruction has been transformed into a complete re-composition of the building… Only basic outlines and rhythm of openings have remained, contributing to a visual fitting of the new form into the architecture of a quiet city street… Opposite to the exterior of the building, whose firm structure has been underlined with used material – rough-structure brick, the interior is moved, bright, free, worked up…“

Dijana Miladinović-Marić