Residential Building Terzin


Omladinska 13, Belgrade


Goran Vojvodić, Grozdana Šišović






private investor


Association of Architects of Novi Sad – Architecture Award – 2007
Museum of Applied Arts - Salon of Architecture – Recognition in the category of architecture – 2007

„…The building is designed as a residential building consisting of three independent entities – housing units positioned in sequence.
The parcel on which the building is built occupies an angular position, which has been utilized in the design, so that the first unit has got a greater number of stories (in the sense of a sub roof floor).
The building is a free-standing structure on the parcel, with separate accesses (for vehicles and pedestrians) to the housing units. In backside of the building, towards the inner part of the parcel, inner yards with greenery, ponds and area for recreation are formed.
The material has been appropriately selected to match the building organized and designed in this way. Actually, the contrast between clean, geometrical surfaces (composite veneered panels of „Parklex“ type) and somewhat rustic self-faced silicate blocks have been used to emphasize the change in rhythm of facade panels. All this is supplemented with a reduced color gamma – white color, and natural color of heartwood, thus emphasizing the purpose of housing of the apartment buildings type.“
„…This modern expression and simplicity of the form is also supported by the selection of accompanying elements of extensions such as terraces, eaves, railing on the parcel…“

„Prostor“ magazine no.10. 2010