Seaside house Herceg Novi


Herceg Novi, Savina, Montenegro


Goran Vojvodić




2003 - 2005


private investor

„…at fist glance, one can recognize an attempt to achieve a powerful harmony of the house with the Mediterranean spirit. The interior of the villa is of markedly incompact form, literally following a complex layout design. The white rustic facade alludes to craggy costal terrain, while a close relationship with the nature is achieved by introducing a number of terraces and porches. Particular attention is dedicated to the plant arrangement in the yard…
A spacious and interestingly conceived swimming pool is designed as a logical continuation of the house.
The interior space of the villa is characterized by a reduced, bright gamma with accents of materials texture. Rustic wall sequences lined with a decorative, semi-dressed stone, as well as insisting on natural materials, brings a warm atmosphere to the interior.
… Such „unengaged”, unencumbered and easy-to-view ambience, whose primary function is to provide a rest to its beneficiaries, radiates comfort and freestyle living…“

Lj. Đurović, „Enterijer“ magazine no.40, November 2007