French Cultural Center


Zmaj Jovina 11, Belgrade


Goran Vojvodić, Bratislav Milojević






Museum of Applied Arts – Salon of Architecture – recognition in the categoty of the interior –2002
Association of Architects of Novi Sad – Recognition for the Interior – 2002

„…The most important task of architects was to give a representative and educational character, as well as a character of an information institution, such as the French Cultural Center is, to an attractive and comfortable interior for miscellaneous audience. The authors have completely succeeded in doing so, showing that, besides architect’s imagination in mastering the function, they also have an excellent feeling for a balanced relationship between visual means and available space, which altogether resulted in a high level of creativity. This has also been
noted by the President of France, Mr. Jacques Chirac, when he solemnly opened the renewed Center this spring…”

Milorad H. Jevtić, „NIN“ Magazine, June 2002