Belgrade Philharmonic Orchestra Building


Studentski trg 11, Belgrade


Goran Vojvodić, Bratislav Milojević






Ministarstvo kulture Republike Srbije


Association of Applied Arts Artists and Designers of Serbia – Award for the Design Realization – 2005
Association of Architects of Novi Sad – Recognition for the interior – 2005
BPB Trophy – the “Most Beautiful Interior” Award – 2005

„…Reconstruction of the building, as a task of an architect in the investor-architect-constructor relationship, hides, behind a purely engineering definition, all those things that makes it real, i.e. the function, geometry, form, structure, texture, light and, in this specific case, also the sound.
In the focus of all events is a concert hall with its laws and requirements, while the remaining contents of the building are only a logical support, an accompaniment.
Through the lighting design, along with primary function, an interesting modeling of new volumes is achieved using shifts in shadow and color, thus annulling the negative effect of monotony of colors of the existing wall linings.
A link between the vision and reality is emphasized through the contrast, almost a metaphor of dark tones of a walnut veneer and bright, almost white tones of flooring. Through this procedure, pursuing their own creativity postulates based on their personal perception of space, the authors have attempted to establish a harmony between spatial and functional entities as a basis for aesthetic feelings, but also as a need not to succumb to a current moment (fashion), because, as already mentioned, … it is certainly not, nor can it be, the goal of architecture…”

„Enterijer“ magazine no.18, 2005